APoV's Blogger's Christmas Gift Swap! (& getting out of my shell)

I know, I know, its way too early to think about Christmas but honestly, who doesn't love a Secret Santa? This year I decided to get involved in Viola's Blogger Gift Swap, I'm trying to be a bit more out there and plus, its a Secret Santa type deal and I LOVE THOSE.

This isn't actually a Secret Santa as such, as there is hashtag #apovgiftswap so we can chat before hand and get to know each other which is great. I need to get out of my little circle and this is just the right thing for me. Its really easy to get involved in this so I don't feel like its a clique-y thing I have no part of, all you need to do if you want to join in is.... 

Fill in the google application here 
Write a blog post within 5 days of receiving your confirmation email (Ta DA!!!!)
Send a couple of gifts to your matched partner by 17th December 
Write a post about your gifts (must include photos) after you have received them
Send Viola the link to your blog post so she can see how the event has gone!

Deadline to sign up is November 1st, and then as soon as she can after that Viola will let us know who we are partnered with so we can get to know them via twitter and the aforementioned hashtag. Then just before Christmas Santa comes a calling!! 

I'm really excited to see who I get and then, of course, start thinking of gifts!! 

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