Black cats need love too

Right now as I write this the handsome boy, our little black cat Pippin, is having a bath on the bed and purring away like a motor engine. He's been here a while now and its official, we get to keep the little lunatic.

He's a lovely little chap if a bit bonkers, he's now meowing and trying to climb the wardrobe to eat the fly that landed on the door. Every morning now hes curled up on the bed at my feet waiting for the alarm to go off (it means breakfast) and when I'm curled up watching netflix he comes and sits with me and snuggles. He likes tuna but otherwise I can't tempt him him anything I'm eating really. He is such a sweet little boy I can't believe it took him over five months to find a new home. Obviously I'm happy because that means he lives here with us but it does make me sad.

Maybe its because he is a black cat, apparently they spend way longer waiting to be rehomed because of superstition or (according to the RSPCA) they are less photogenic. You what now?? I mean really look at this handsome chap.

Today is Black Cat Day, a day celebrating how wonderful these little guys are. It's not hard to get into the spirit of it really, I mean look at the boy. He actually loves wearing a bow tie so much, I'm getting him a Christmas one (he lost the first one sadly). He spends most of the night sleeping on the bed with us, he's there when we nod off and he's there when the alarm goes off. He stays curled up until we move, then he knows its breakfast time, the same as he sits by the cupboard with his food, not meowing just sitting, when he's hungry. He has a very funny meow, and he LOVES catnip.

Pippin came to us with a little blue mouse toy and its like his security blanket - does he love his other toys of course, but blue mouse is his favourite. He is quite shy, but eventually will come and see people, but when its just the three of us he sits on the table looking at the sofa, or snuggles next to me. Lately, he's taken to sleeping on the bed in the evenings if the doors are open enough (that he can see us). He guards me in the bath, but isn't stupid enough to come too close.

The crux? He's an affectionate and lovely boy, and he was passed over for months because he's a little shy to start with, but mostly because he's a black cat. So what, he's a sweetheart, and if you're thinking of adopting don't discount the ones like him because they might give you the most love.

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