Packing Hacks and Tricks

So I've listed the travel gadgets I really just don't see the point of, but what about those I do, and what about all the little hints and hacks that go into packing my suitcase. Lists of gizmos, ways to get more in to a small bag, and how to make your bag lighter are almost a blogging cliche. Sometimes you have to go there though, no matter how much of a cliche it all is. I'll keep it as sort and sweet as I can...

  • If you're a reader, ebooks. So much lighter and no running out of things to read. You wont regret it. FYI. one like a kindle fire can also give you music & movies.

  • A second battery for your camera takes up very little room & can be super useful if a serial snapper. Even for short trips as it can be smaller than the charger.

  • Roll your clothes, don't fold, and you can fit more in

  • Stuff smaller things (like chargers or socks) into your shoes.

  • Take solid cosmetics if you can. Multiple reasons this is good - no limit/plastic bag in carry on, no leakage and a nice soap can make your whole bag smell amazing. It can also be more useful for spot washing clothes.

  • If you do need to take liquids don't buy small ones, decant them into travel bottles. These can be brought really cheaply on eBay.

  • Make sure everything you take can be mixed and matched several ways. Obviously certain things like swimsuits not so much, but in general it saves packing.

  • Don't pack soaps next to cables. Can look like a bomb on the x-ray machine and will delay you at security if they flag it. Although it looked very funny on the monitor when they showed me.

These are my most useful tips for lighter bags, or indeed fitting in more Christmas gifts now that it's that time of year with everyone travelling home for Christmas.

Do you have any ones that you want to share? Tell us in the comments! 

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