Taking on the Lindy Hop

I find it slightly ironic that I've started Lindy Hop classes just after binge watching Luke Cage, but it is something I've been interested in doing for a while. The history of Lindy is kinda interesting, it started its life in Harlem, and was most famously danced at the Savoy Ballroom in the 20's - if you've seen Luke Cage this is the inspiration for the Harlem's Paradise Club. So yeah its a retro dance, now with a Marvel comic's connection - could it be more me?

Seriously, the idea of going to learn has been in my head for a while I'm just a nervous idiot and honestly was afraid to go and be laughed at as the fat chick trying to Lindy. In the end it was that which got me going - out of my shell and trying to make my mental health a little better - although I still had to drag along a friend with me because I might be feeling brave but not that bloody brave! I need not have worried really, the guys in the class were great at embracing the social aspect of Lindy Hop and getting everyone dancing with everyone else. I barely saw my friend for the whole class.

The class I attended was in a bar just around the corner from work and run by Brighton Lindyhoppers who run classes pretty much every night of the week in various locations around Brighton.  They also run classes at different ability levels making it easy to drop in. The class I attended was about 50/50 first timers and others and it was really hard to tell the difference. Split first into leaders and followers, you get run through all the steps, then in turn dance with everyone opposite you, so in my case all the leaders. It sounds odd but it works really well in teaching you to be aware of your partner and listen to their "cues" - the hardest person to dance with was actually the friend I went to class with. I really loved the class and there were only one or two people, as there always are, who fit the stereotype judgmental twerps I was worried about. You know the ones I mean - they are everywhere but they really were the total minority and definitely NOT the teachers, which is always something I worry about with classes like this.

It was also a really good work out, I mean I wasn't exhausted but I definitely felt my heart rate pumping and that energizing feeling that you get after exhausting all your energy. I came back so obviously chuffed that now Oliver is thinking of coming with me to classes (although he wants me to have it to myself for a while first). Maybe I could get good at this, hey maybe we will even go dancing in Harlem next time we're in New York.

Do you take any classes, or do anything like this with your partner? Let me know how it works for you in the comments

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