Iced Mince Pies - Taste Test

It's that time again! The idea of iced mince pies is a new one on me, but usually they are the only type I have to buy in. I find a lot of pastry unappealing so replacing some of it with icing instead is a good thing. Who does them best, that is really the question here. Its round two, the iced challenge...

Sainsbury Iced Mince Pies - This is an all round good mince pie. The icing is thick, but not too thick or cloying. The pastry is light, yet firm enough to hold up against all the filling. The mincemeat is the same as the standard Sainsburys pie. All in all a nicely rounded good pie.


Morrisons Iced Mince Pies - Smooth mincemeat with thick icing means the pie loses a lot of texture, which frankly is something that a mince pie needs. It also makes it sticky on the teeth. The Pastry is a little bland, but not inedible,


Tesco Iced Mince Pies - The icing is thin and gets lost in your mouthful of pie. Not that it is easy to get a mouthful as the pastry crumbles all over the place the minute you sink your teeth in. Again its all a bit meh, come on Tesco what gives??  


Asda Iced Mince Pies - Nice moist mincemeat. The pastry is well baked and holds the weight well. There is also a good balance between all three parts of this one; icing, pastry and filling all hold their own against the rest. The only thing that lets it down is that the icing is a little tough. 


So yes, the overall winner of this selection is Sainsbury, yet again. Only by a whisker, Asda being let down by the icing. Do you like iced mince pies, or do you just look past them on the shelves?  Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments, that is what they are there for... 

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