Posh Supermarket Mince Pies - Taste Test

It's the final showdown and its time to send in the toff's! Round three is all about the posh selections, can they top the average pie...?

Sainsbury Taste the Difference Mince Pies - This is almost like they've just shoved a lot of brandy into the standard Sainsbury pie, and its not a stellar decision as far as the effect on the flavour. The pie might look nice and plump, but there is a huge gap between the top if the filling and the pastry lid. The pastry itself is ok, but could do with more sugar on the top. 


Morrisons The Best Mince Pies -  Again not too great from Morrisons, too big a gap between the filling and the pastry, and a bit too heavy on the brandy. The filling has some nice plump chunks of fruit, and the all butter pastry definately leaves its taste. In some ways that is a issue as some bites just tasted like butter where there just isn't enough filling.


Tesco Finest Mince Pies - The first bite gives you a nice crunch from the sugar dusting, and the good start just continues. Well filled, with a good balance of flavours. Port, Brandy and the spicing all make themselves known and its tasty with good texture provided by the bits of nut that accompany the fruit. The pastry is good too, but sadly shoddily cut and doesn't look appealing at all. 


Asda Extra Special Mince Pies - Another pie that fails on looks front, they really haven't tried to tart this one up at all. The filling has an odd flavour thanks to the inclusion of carrot, and honestly just doesn't taste like mincemeat. The pastry is very thick and overpowers the filling at times and is dry. Epic fail. 


Mince pie mega test over with, it seems there is a clear winner in terms of supermarket. Honestly, I didn't expect the result I got, I'm almost disappointed it was less varied a result. It seems if you want  fancy its Tesco, otherwise its Sainsbury. Or you could make your own, which is in my opinion the best bet as then you get them warm.... mmm... 

What is your favourite mince pie? Do you prefer hot or cold? Does it need cream?? Let me know in the comments  

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