Supermarket Mince Pies - Taste Test

Mince pies, one of the true joys of Christmas, I mean nothing beats it. Homemade are best, and I am a master at the homemade pie but sometimes its just too much effort. Too much effort, or my husband decides he needs to eat them all NOW. Usually in our house it is the latter of the two, and it is always then the question "Where do we get them?"

In that spirit it's taste test time! It was decided to stick to the main four supermarkets own brands and do three categories; normal mince pies, icing topped and the "luxury". There was also the roping in of some helpers, because everyone is a bit different in tastes (read - Cara you are a food snob and perfectionist) and frankly, it was ALOT of mince pies. So, welcome to the Thunderdome, its round one...

Sainsbury Deep Filled Mince Pies - This is the standard Sainsbury pie, and the deep filled makes a difference. The filling has a good all round flavour, with some nice chunks of recognisable fruit. The pastry is thick and solid, holding the filling well, but is a little dry. Nicely sugar dusted on the top giving a crunch.


Morrisons Festive Mince Pies - Rather bland all in all. Slightly under filled, and the pastry is solid, meaning you pretty much just taste the pastry with your first mouthful. Looks ok, but otherwise unappealing. 


Tesco Traditional Mince Pies - In a word, meh. Tasteless mince and dry pastry. 


Asda Baker's Selection Mince Pies - Lovely mince, very moist with large plump fruit. Not too spiced but it is definitely there, which is something I really like. The pastry let the side down however, tasteless and not enough sugar dusting. 


So yes, the overall winner of this selection is Sainsbury, which is annoying as it is the hardest supermarket for me to get to on the bus, but such is life.  Have you tried these? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with our taste test. 

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