Blogger Christmas Presents

So as I previously mentioned I decided to join in with the Bloggers' Gift Swap this year. I ended up paired with the lovely Louise of Louise Chatters, who I'd never read before so that was really nice from that side. Shes totally lovely and you should definitely check her out. 

The important stuff now, what did I get? 


So chuffed by this, I mean its chocolate for a start.. which may or may not already have disappeared. The little sign is already pinned above my desk and I can't wait to do some colouring. What is cool is we got eachother really similar stuff. Chocolate is a must of course but also something to write in that will calm/vent anxiety and something to give a bit of a boost. The perfect little pick me up at Christmas. I also met a cool new person so I call this success.

Did you partake in any secret santa's or gift swaps over Christmas? How do you find them??

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  1. Your gifts are so cool haha, I really rate them! The colouring book and colouring pencils are such perfect gifts. I'm so glad you enjoyed participating! xx
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola