Decoupage Photo Tray DIY

Trips to Ikea generally end in a painful bank balance for me, then again don't they for everyone?  I am obsessed with bargain corner, and have to have a good rummage in when I go in. A few years ago I managed to find some trays from the dining hall that were stained and a bit worse for wear. At 10p each they were begging for some love, so, smelling an idea.. so picked up a couple

After a poor first attempt at decoupage over the entire tray, I decided to be a bit more subtle with my second tray. The design, I decided, should be a sprinkling of polaroid photos (home printed of course). The only issue was picking the photos to use! I found a polaroid frame vector on google to get the full polaroid look.

 Then it was as simple as spray painting the tray to a plain background colour - I went for black. Then, using waterproof decoupage glue I spread a rough square of glue directly onto the tray where I wanted, and smoothed a photo into place where needed. Do this one by one, letting the glue dry before adding the next photo I did this so the overlap wouldn't bubble and wrinkle, but you could risk it without it if you wanted. Once they are all in place and dry, spray a layer of varnish, let dry, then add a final layer of varnish for luck.

Not too hard at all and a lovely way to use some family photos. Do you have some interesting ways that you have used photographs at home??

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  1. I love this idea! They would make a cute gift too.