Period self care for the disorganised

I am a total sucker for subscription boxes. Basically real snail mail makes me happy, and the idea that presents come in the snail mail that will make the day I end up spending surgically attached to the hot water bottle are the best thing ever.So when Pink Parcel* offered to send me one of their boxes to try out, when my period was due right before Christmas (I mean seriously that's like picking on me) I was more than game. It has all the products I need, and I'm not a tampon person so very happy that they will send all pads. As well as that some come in a little bag which is great for pick-up-and-go, there is also the present. The idea that once I subscribe I don't have to think about it and plan anything again is also a huge plus.

A little box of comfort, skincare and the all important chocolate to keep you sane and snug during those hard days. Tell them the best date to send it, the brands you use and that's it, £10.50 a month and you don't have to think about it, which for someone who always rushes to the shop on the first day of her period is a good thing. All the products and pampering a girl could want on those days its hard to be a woman - just add netflix.

While I'm not sure Pink Parcel itself is something I would do long term as I'm fussy with things like skincare and chocolate, it is a really good concept. We all have beauty goodies and stuff already, but the idea of a parcel of stuff sent to you just when you need it is fab. It's not so much the pads and tampons as much as the other bits, the stuff to sort out my 'period face' and a few pamper bits that I don't have to think about. I am, however, judging this on one box in regards my fussy pants-ness. I got 'over' Birchbox very quickly for this reason, but if you love trying all things every month this will be up your street. It might have been down to the box I got thou as aside from the beauty bits, I was rather gutted that it was a scented melt and not a candle - I don't have the gubbins for those but a tea light anyone can burn.

Back to the positives, the thoughts behind the items in the box are great - comfy socks, something to make the room nice, something to make you feel pretty and then of course the bits to deal with period skin and cravings. As a way to deal with that horrible few days there is nothing out there to match that I have come across. If you want your pads or tampons sorted, with a few extra pressies to go with it, making shark week just that bit more survivable. You could make your own sure, but then you wouldn't get the joy of something hitting your doormat once a month that is designed purely to make it all better. Just at the right time the postman can bring you just what you need, and isn't that just what you want?

* denotes a press sample.  All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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