Telling Tales - Why Instastories just isn't for me

Eagle-eyed followers of my Instagram may have noticed my face up at the top of their instagram feed on Saturday. Yes, I decided that seeing as I had a day off I would try this stories thing. I do occassionally binge others stories but to be honest it isn't really my thing - for pretty much the same reasons it turns out that it doesn't work for me as a platform. If you watched my story Saturday you'll have no doubt wondered what the hell was going on.. well so did I to be honest.

So here is it - why telling stories on Instagram just won't work for me. Plainly, because I'm not a video person I just don't see the point. I don't make vlogs because I much prefer to write, and I'm not really a watcher of them either as I prefer to read. Instagram already allows us to use video moments and of course there's the photos, so I honestly don't see the point of another place to pop these up. If I see something I want to photograph, I photograph it and post it. If its something I want to video I do it and pop it up. If I want to add text there are enough apps out there to help me do it. If there is something longer I want to share that is what these pages are for. I guess its a way to beat the algorithm and make sure that everyone gets to see all your posts, but that is what going to look at their profile is for right?

Maybe I'm missing the point, and maybe I'm not using social media the right way, but for me instagram and twitter are as much about sharing those random little moments over the day especially instagram. It's a platform that makes it awkward to share a photo not taken on your phone (thank god for dropbox) and yet we need some added functionality in the app for capturing the fleeting beautiful moments. Am I missing something? Snapchat was originally for sharing this stuff privately before it became celebrity-filled, and now instagram has jumped on the bandwagon. Its a bandwagon that wasn't needed if you ask me. So no, I'm not a instastories girl, maybe I'm just too simple in my social media needs. I don't mind thou, that's how I like it.

What platforms or functions do you just not "get" or do you have any wise words for me on that I'm missing?

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