Procrastination for experts

I started writing this in a fit of manic typing, which has followed something of an extreme procrastination effort on my behalf. Seriously I have managed to do pretty much everything imaginable to put off admitting to myself that I just can't stand to look at the screen and struggle to write, that I just don't have the will to be productive right now.. well I say that. Productive in the way I should be is probably a better description, as opposed to the stuff I have been doing.

Procrastination for Experts

We're talking a month or two later I find that paragraph in my drafts file and well, yes, procrastination is still my friend . Call it creative block, call it lazy, but there have been many ways I have avoided sitting down in front of this keyboard and actually doing the thing. Indeed, while the average procrastinator will just put things off, some things take true skill. So, how can you too avoid work like an expert... well, let me tell you.

  1. Binge Watching an entire multi-season series. The West Wing has waited 10 years it can wait no longer 
  2. Sort your bookshelves by colour. Very important for when you do start being productive, looks good in instagram pics.
  3. Look through all the photos you have picking new ones to get printed for your frames. Extra points if you order the prints and then forget to pick them up and actually put them in frames.
  4. Sort through your wardrobe and decide what to keep, sell on depop, refashion and donate. Donate items and then order up all the materials needed to refashion. Then do none of these things.
  5. Make your desk area look beautiful in an effort to inspire you.
  6. Deep tidy and spruce up for living space, in an effort to make a cosy place for chilling after all the hard work you are going to do.
  7. Sort out the massive pile of beauty products in your bathroom.
  8. Decide to take a long bath to relax before working, to get those creative juices going. It looks so inviting after all. 
  9. Play with the cat. Cat then pins you down for petting. Cat is obviously lonely and needs a good few hours of love. 
  10. You've not left the house in ages so you go into town. Bonus points if you end up buying stuff to be creative with or write about, which is now in the pile in the corner.
  11. Decide a bullet journal will help you order your thoughts. Start, then give up on bullet journalling as you have no clue what to write other than a calender.
  12. Get lost in a youtube tunnel... all the videos
  13. Feel sleepy, take a nap
  14. Decide to change your hair, spend the next week looking up and picking different styles and colours to basically decide on the first thing you liked.
  15. Look up stuff for holidays. Despite the fact you've booked your holiday hotel already, look at all the reviews on trip adviser. Then look at the area on google streetview. End up navigating the whole city. Plan exactly what you will see, eat and do. Don't bother write it down you wont actually do it and thats too easy to make into a blog post.
  16. Spend at least an hour looking for new people to follow on Instagram.
  17. Decide random items in your house need upcycling. Spend at least 2 hours looking for ideas on pinterest before giving up on that plan.
  18. Start writing a to do list. Realise you need more paper, this sucker has gotten LONG.
  19. Decide if you're going to have to do lists you should have a planner. Buy planner. Spend the next week making it looks instagram worthy and beautifully colourful and all those things.
  20. Make some goals for the next year. Make gorgeous goal pages for your planner.
  21. Chill out and Read books/watch movies. This is just so you can do more colouring in on the beautiful watch/readlist's you've made for your planner.
  22. Make planner porn boards on pinterest. 
  23. Decide to meal plan. Find the perfect mealplan printable on pinterest. Plan meals for the next month on lovelingly printed and laminated wipe clean menus. Decide that night you want Dominos Pizza instead of the planned home made Thai curry as it's too much effort. 
  24. Decide to make a cake. Look in every recipe book to decide what cake to make, check pinterest for ideas. Make the same lemon cake or banana bread you always make, and have already blogged about. 
  25. Make a CV for your pet. Bonus points if you actually send it to your employer like I did.
  26. Shred old paperwork. Decide that maybe it is time to change energy suppliers/bank etc. Research the best ones. Think its best to "sleep on it" before doing something. Never do anything.
  27. Make huge Amazon/Etsy wish lists. 
  28. Read Wikipedia's Featured Article of the day. Click an interesting link. Keep going until your laptop or phone battery dies. Charge it and start over.
  29. Make more lists.. like this one.

    And finally...
  30. Write down all the ways you have procrastinated into a blog post, then put off finding an image for it for at least 3 days. 
What is your go-to when procrastinating?

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