Why I won't stand for Retro Politics..

This is my mum - pretty much as northern European as you can look, almost Scandinavian. Grandpa was from Kent and Grandma is decended from Missionaries that went out to the West Indies. Real world explorer types, and because Grandpa worked for the UN mum was born in East Africa. On a trip home from boarding school to Mozambique where my grandparents were living and working my grandma arranged a stop over in South Africa. Just a day, said my Jamacian born Grandmother, but you can get out and see the city and have a bit of an explore. She hadn't realised they wouldn't let my mother out of the airport.

You see her British passport listed her place of birth as Tanzania, East Africa.

This is me and my parents in around about 1988, That year I was four and in March that year there was a incident involving the IRA in Gibraltar, near where my grandparents lived. We used to fly into Gibraltar when visiting them, all of us British passport holders - except my Dad. A dual citizen thanks to being born in Brixton he held an Irish Passport. On our way home at the end of the summer he was pulled out of the car as we crossed the Spanish Boarder on our way to our flight home. The British Army Officers with their loaded guns, and with me and my brother in the car, trained their weapons on my Dad. Not happy that he dare cross the boarder they at first tried to refuse to allow him to cross. When he fought his corner as we had tickets and they had no legal right, they said he had one hour to get off "the rock".

He wrote to the Prime Minster when he got home - they send him a formal apology and accepted it should never have happened. It was a letter he kept pretty much until he died.

All of that was simply because he was from the same place as "bad people",

I'm sure I don't have to point out how crazy it is that my parents were "profiled" like that by immigration control. We sadly now live in a world where it is the norm, and its wrong. Where as before I had fear travelling solo as a woman, I now have fear as a human being with a conscience. Am I going to be stopped because I stand up for the Muslims, for those who is worse crime is wrong place wrong time - like my Mum and Dad. Am I going to be branded a sympathizer, and disallowed visa's because I dare write things like this or tweet that President Cheeto is a jerk. When China has enough of the rhetoric, am I going to be held for questioning thanks to my visit to China at request of the state police? Will the fact I have the wrong visa on page 13 of my passport mean I will be held? I mean I was there to collect my father's remains but subtleties like that - like you are a refugee or you are a five year old US citizen means nothing when you are considered a security threat.

We've all seen the quotes and retweeted and shared the "first they came.."'s and the "good men do nothing". We've all done it so much that, frankly it has lost its meaning. We need to stand up against them PHYSICALLY. They can invite him on a state visit but we don't have to let the world think it is in our name. They can detain people but we can let them know they are not alone in that place.

I am so sad that the world is turning into this place again. As a child we were taught by our elders to not think like that and to be better people. We came out of post war revelations and the Eichmann trial with compassion and shame for the suffering inflicted in the name of hate. We fought apartheid and started the fight against LGBT stigma. The past was not yet forgotten, and such emphasis was put on the idea that we should not repeat the past. But we are, we are repeating the cycles of old. I just hope we get out again this time, and before billions suffer because of bigotry and a megalomaniac lust for power and control.

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