What I Learned from Habit Tracking.

As part of my mad "better get my shit together" journey I've been on I decided I needed to start habit tracking. I made a cute little habit tracker, filled it with aspiration things I thought wouldn't be too hard to keep to that I would be able to manage no problem and just went full steam ahead into it.

Or at least that was the plan

The thing is, as realistic as my goals were the first month, they didn't exactly revolutionize my togetherness. Ok yes, my anxiety was better and I was definitely in possession of a lot more get up and go than I had been but I didn't seem to be getting more done. Those "do more with your life" aspirations that I had just were not working out. I wasn't reading every day, I wasn't doing the making and self care I meticulously scheduled. The things I needed to do were now daily tasks like they should be, that was good, but nothing new was happening. If my life was in the sewing machine lets just say, the stitches were neat, but there was no more sewing going on!

So the next month I changed tactics a bit, added a few more small challenges, A few more oblique ones and another try at the daily reading and self care and "skill practice".  Instagram daily went ok, so I thought I'd add in a few other social media channels, as well as a few more organizing ones. Still, at the end of month two a few things came in to sharp focus. Thanks to my MH stuff, my concentration is still shot, and the reality is I was just asking too much. On top of all these things I technically had time for, I was also working, or sick or just wanting to go out and do something other than "work", Looking at my mood tracker it was obvious the planning and sorting was ok, mainly because I find it almost comforting when I'm stressed as hell . When it came to the other stuff however, well yeah it didn't quite work. That is the true beauty of habit tracking - it isn't just about making things into habits as much as finding out what you can tweek to make your life what you want it to be.

In my mind, I am super productive, I get up and I'm ready to rock at 9am, I get all my stuff done, and still have time to cook from scratch. On work days I manage to do all my social media on my commute (oh and some reading) and handle 8 hours of retail without going mad, I come home, learn some of the things I have in my "goal list" do blog maintenance and then chill & do my nails or whatever before bed. On days off instead of 8 hours of work in the shop I make stuff for etsy, write blog posts, schedule stuff and then hopefully fit in some socialising and a bit more learning. Written in a habit list it doesn't seem much, but when you  actually look at it I must think I'm superman,

In reality I really would just like to be able to sit down and think "I can go do something totally random tomorrow" and not be ignoring my to do list. I can be on top of everything, not feel like anything is slipping totally under the rug. Of course that doesn't happen overnight,

I have the keeping the house clean sorted, and the little tasks work for me, but this month I've been a bit more reasonable with time. Instead of pamper and read I have self care time. Instead of all the different social media platforms I have just to post (spontaneously) on one, and schedule at least one other post a day. I've also added in to be a bit more social, and then the more cerebral "3 new ideas" . Be it posts, flat-lays, crafts or recipes, I want to try and think of three new fun things a day. That one was inspired by my Doctor asking me for 3 good things about my week after every appointment, which I find a great thing to re-balance me.

Will it work this month? Will I achieve my goal of being productive and social and the me I want to be? Who knows, but I'm getting closer. Habit tracking has helped me see my strengths and weaknesses in getting stuff done and now I'm working with them to be my own type of "together".

Have you tried habit tracking? How did it work for you??

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